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Sentinel Security Foundation

Layered Defense Architecture with IPv6.

Security Foundation
Sentinel Security Foundation

Sentinel Security Foundation (SSF) with IPv6. Consist of SecureGate, Incognito, Black Box and DarkGate.

Local Network

LAN of organization. Secured local network with implementation of IPv6.


Public area services separated with local network. Implementation with IPv6.

Internet Cloud

Internet Cloud with IPv6 and layered defense from SSF.

Sentinel Security Foundation (SSF) with IPv6 is a solution for Cyber Resilience and Security with Layered Defense Architecture against attackers from outside (internet) and also a breach from inside (intranet).
Sentinel Security Foundation (SSF) with IPv6
also provides a network topography of the network inside internal systems in order to monitor the network within the systems for a better management and security that enforces IPv6. It will monitor attacks, manage, patch breaches, Alarm, Log and Report Management of the Network Security. It also provides Advanced Firewall and also load balancer for the internet access. More importantly, it will provide a modern internet protocol IPv6 and Mobile Device Management.

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IPv6 Enforcement And Migration

  • RFC 4291 Architecture migration for Internet service
  • RFC 3056 Migration for DMZ
  • RFC 4193, RFC 5375, RFC 6296 migration for Intranet
  • RFC 4213 migration for Internet access

Nextgen Firewall And Routing System

  • DNSSEC module:
    • RSASHA1-NSEC3-SHA1 (ALG7-RFC5155)
    • RSA/SHA-256 (ALG8-RFC5702)
    • ECDSA Curve P-256 with SHA-256 (ALG13-RFC6605)
    • ECDSA Curve P-384 with SHA-384 (ALG14-RFC6605)
  • DANE/TLSA module
  • DNS CAA Cryptography module
  • DKIM/SPF module
  • HSTS module
  • HPKP module
  • Basic and Advanced Firewall, including:
    • Multicast RPF
    • Unicast RPF (uRPF)
    • PAT/NAT, and OS Fingerprinting module
  • DoS Protection with Blackhole system
  • Fingerprint Camouflage module
  • IPv6 PMUTD system
  • ASN module
  • IPv4/IPv6 advanced routing system
  • Multi homing system
  • Customized VPN and Tunnel module
  • Asia IPv6 NTP Pool Network Collaboration
  • Network Time Protocol module
  • Internet Access Control system
  • Traffic Management and Shaping

Enterprise Network Operations And Control Platform

  • IP Address Management System
  • Distributed real-time performance and health monitoring
  • Comprehensive Monitoring of
    • applications
    • services
    • operating systems
    • network protocols
    • system metrics and infrastructure components
  • Agent/Agent-less monitoring
  • Visibility & Awareness
  • Problem Remediation
  • Proactive Planning
  • Extended Reporting
  • Automatic discovery
  • Highly flexible alerting system
  • Distributed Architecture

Network Infrastructure Settlement

  • Configuration migration
  • Environment migration
  • Environment enhancement
  • Consulting service

High-Performance Hardened Application Platform

  • Content Headers Security Module
  • Massively scalable event-driven architecture
  • Reverse proxy for HTTP, TCP, UDP, and mail (IMAP, POP3, SMTP)
  • Application accelerator with caching and compression
  • HTTP/2 termination, SSL/TLS termination
  • Rate limiting and bandwidth Management
  • Dual Stack RSA-ECC Certificates
  • Load balancing and application delivery
  • Advanced application security
  • High-availability implementation
  • Media delivery

Virtualization Platform

  • A Small Footprint
  • Reliable Performance
  • Enhanced Security
  • Ecosystem Excellence
  • A User-Friendly Experience
  • Faster workload deployment
  • Increased application performance
  • Higher server availability
  • Eliminated server sprawl and complexity

Internal Threat Monitoring And Prevention System

  • New and modern IDS front-end
  • The capability to have a full transcript of the network traffic
  • Full Packet Capture adoption
  • Helpful for network forensics
  • Network Intrusion Detection
  • Situational Awareness
  • Offensive Reconnaissance
  • Complete Security Visibility
  • Highly Scalable
  • Real-Time Monitoring

Cyber Security Starts Now!

With Sentinel Cyber Resilience and Security, your total protection and enhanced Cyber Security begin. Sentinel Cyber Resilience and Security offers with many features, starting from Security Foundation with IPv6 Enforcement and Migration, until Unified Threat Intelligence with Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention System, you can secure your internal network and also attackers from internet.

Recommendation And Requirement for Total Cyber Security Protection

Sentinel Security Foundation best paired with Sentinel Secure Collaborative Suite, Sentinel Universal Log-Management Center, and Sentinel Unified Threat Intelligence. Others products within Sentinel Cyber Resilience and Security Suite are also available.

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