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Sentinel Secure Collaborative Suite

All in one solution.

Secure Collaborative Suite
Secure Mail

Secure Mail Server and Secure Mail Client with end-to-end encryption ensure your high performance and high level security

Task Management

Share your daily task with others within local or internet connection under one organization.

File Collaboration System

Share, edit, update and secure your file with others in one secure system.

Calendar Management

Arrange your day to day events, schedule, and other tasks in a secure way.

Secure Text & Video Messenger

An end-to-end security with encryption sealed within the text and video calling.

Video & Web Conference

Light but high performance video and web conference through secure network.

Code Collaborator Center

Exchange code between users in one centralized system.

Secured Network

Sentinel Secure Collaborative Suite with IPv6 is an end-to-end encryption system conjunction with Sentinel Secure Foundation.

Sentinel Secure Collaborative Suite is a all in one solution that combines all features in one system and processes to ensure employees can connect and collaborate with the people, information and the resources they require at any given time.

Sentinel Secure Collaborative Suite include an email client, Web conferencing, task management, video capabilities, document sharing capabilities, instant messaging and more. It is designed to enables data to safely flow throughout your organization and across your firewall to partners, vendors and customers — while keeping files accessible, compliant and secure.

When files and documents are the lifeblood of your operations, Sentinel Secure Collaborative Suite give the ability to share information, files, and data, and reduce Tasks and Projects difficulty in order to give space in functional workflows. More importantly, it will provide a modern internet protocol IPv6 and Mobile Device Management.

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Secure Mail

  • Faster provisioning mail services
  • Easily manage large inboxes
  • Simplified administration
  • Lower-Overhead Management
  • Server and Storage Consolidation
  • Powerful Security
  • Freedom of Client Choice
  • Self-Organizing Mailboxes
  • Comprehensive Calendaring
  • Extensible model for linking message content to external web services and applications (express-able via hover-over and/or click)
  • Efficient context switching
  • Any Place, Any Machine
  • Modern collaboration styles/formats

Task Management

  • Quickly sort Task View by priority, status and past due
  • Set reminders on Tasks and receive email Daily Digest of Tasks
  • Rich text compose for details and attach files
  • Tag Tasks for additional organization or to associate with projects common across applications

File Collaboration System

  • Easy access anywhere
  • Deep integration
  • Ultimate security
  • Extra security
  • Secure file exchange
  • Seamless end-to-end encryption
  • Integrated account management
  • Authentication through LDAP
  • Compliance-ready monitoring
  • Tracking changes to user files

Calendar Management

  • Group scheduling with free/busy management and controls
  • Multiple calendars per user
  • Calendar delegation and sharing
  • Multi-calendar views
  • Subscribe to external calendars in .ics format

Secure Text & Video Messenger

  • Group Chat
  • Audio and Video Calling
  • File Transferring
  • Bridging The Gap
  • End to End Encryption
  • Multi-platform support
  • Integration Tools

Video & Web Conference

  • Passes everyone’s video and audio to all participants
  • Lower latency
  • Better quality
  • WebRTC compatible
  • Advanced video routing
  • Multi-user video communication
  • High scalability video conference
  • Incredibly secure

Code Collaborator Center

  • Friction-less Context Switching
  • Role-Based Code-lines
  • Feature Based Workflow
  • Disposable Experimentation
  • Multiple Backups
  • Any Workflow
  • Data Assurance
  • Staging Area

Cyber Security Starts Now!

With Sentinel Cyber Resilience and Security, your total protection and enhanced Cyber Security begin. Sentinel Cyber Resilience and Security offers with many features, starting from Security Foundation with IPv6 Enforcement and Migration, until Unified Threat Intelligence with Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention System, you can secure your internal network and also attackers from internet.

Recommendation And Requirement for Total Cyber Security Protection

Sentinel Secure Collaborative Suite best paired with Sentinel Security Foundation with IPv6. Others products within Sentinel Cyber Resilience and Security Suite also available.

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