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Sentinel Cyber Resilienced Security reflects today’s security demands for cyber attacks and cyber threats, creating a complete cybersecurity platform that combines fully scalable protection capabilities for physical, virtualized systems including static and servers, networks.

Secure Cyber Infrastructure Platform with IPv6 (SCIP) solution for Resilience and Cyber Security with a Layered Defense Architecture against attackers from outside (internet) as well as breaches from within (intranet).

Integrated Security Gateway (ISG) System

The ISG system provides the ability not only to act as front and outer safeguards, but also to provide Next-Gen Threat Prevention. ISG Has main features such as:

  • IPv4/IPv6 Transit and Advanced Routing System
  • High Performance Basic/Advanced L3 Firewall
  • High Performance Next-Gen (L7) Firewall
  • Network High Availability Systems
  • DHCPv4/DHCPv6 Service
  • Full-featured DNS Management Systems (DNSSEC, Authoritative, Forwarding, Caching)
Integrated Security Collaboration Systems

An integrated and secure collaboration system based on web and mobile to support activities and services as well as collect and share information data, monitor, analyze independently of services running on infrastructure. The features it has are:

  • Secure mail
  • Secure cloud
  • Secure DNS
  • Secure messenger
  • Single Sign On (SS0)
  • Monitoring
Smart Intelligence Decoy System

A system that is used to detect suspicious activity in a system or network, helps us to place open monitoring outside the main system for various attacks that are automatic or “hands-on”. The features it has are:

  • Cyber Attackmap
  • Threat Hunting Platform