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Sentinel Certification

Entry ( Certified Entry Networking Technician) CENT

Have the competence to place, run and troubleshoot small-scale enterprise network.


Associate (Certified Network Associate) CNA

Complete competence on wireless fundamentals, network security basics, TCP/IP, CIDR, VLSM, OSPF, RIP, EIGRP, NAT, ACL, VLAN and WAN technology connections.


Profesional (Certified Network Profesional) CNP

Have the capabilities and skills needed to install, configure, and troubleshoot LAN/WAN networks with between 100 and 500 network devices.


Expert (Certified Internetwork Expert) CIE

Has the expert potential to tackle the most high hurdles in the networking field.


Arsitek (Certified Architect) CA

Have special potential/knowledge regarding technology and infrastructure architecture.