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Universal Log-Management Center

Support big volume of data

Universal Log-Management Center
Load balancer

Supports session affinity.

Cluster Nodes

All nodes running the same system version.

Shared Database

Database which able to take block-level snapshots.

Load balancer

Supports session affinity.

Shared filesystem

Accessible via NFS as a single mount point..

Sentinel Universal Log-Management Center is a near real time (NRT) search platform. NRT means is there is a slight latency (normally one second) from the time you index a document until the time it becomes searchable. A cluster is a collection of one or more nodes (servers) that together holds entire data and provides federated indexing and search capabilities across all nodes. A node is a single server that is part of your cluster, stores your data, and participates in the cluster’s indexing and search capabilities.

Sentinel Universal Log-Management Center is a full-text search and analytics engine. It allows you to store, search, and analyze big volumes of data quickly and in near real time. It is generally used as the underlying engine/technology that powers applications that have complex search features and requirements.

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Metrics Analysis

  • Efficiently structure data for faster searches
  • Less memory use
  • Less disk use
  • Automates anomaly detection at scale

Log Management

  • Fast response time
  • Ingest and index important data
  • Automatically model the behavior of the data
  • Real time alert

Site Search

  • Seamless indexing
  • Intuitive customization features
  • Deliver Better Results with Better Technology
  • Advanced search algorithm feature include:
    • Spelling Correction: did you mean spellcheck?
    • Bigram Matching: high heels = highheels
    • Stemming: car = cars
    • Synonyms: car = vehicle
    • Phrase Matching: “fast food” does not equal “food fast”
  • Modern search experiences do not require a user to enter a full query
  • Add Filters to Help Refine Search Results
  • Fine-Tune Results Through an Intuitive Interface
  • Adjust Search Relevance to Meet Your Specific Needs
  • Real time indexing


  • Generate, Schedule & Email Reports
  • Each report is print-optimized, customizable, and PDF-formatted
  • Email recurring status updates — daily, weekly, fortnightly
  • Handle a large volume of reporting requests
  • Report on demand
  • Scheduled report
  • Trigger based report


  • Detect Changes in Your Data
  • Easy UI
  • Easy Alerts
  • Rule-Based Alerting
  • Alert History


  • Ability to identify the difference between popularity and relevance
  • Linkages between people, places, preferences, products
  • Provide a simple graph exploration
  • Visualize details using any of the maps, timelines, pie charts, or raw document
  • Distributed query execution
  • Real-time data availability
  • No third-party systems to maintain

App Search

  • Relevant and fast results
  • Tuning search relevancy
  • Powering recommendations using Graph
  • Analyzing search queries and performance
  • Using Machine Learning to spot search anomalies
  • Built for Speed and Scale

Application Performance Monitoring

  • Coexist with infrastructure logs, server metrics, and security events
  • Explore all of the data in one place
  • More efficient code
  • Faster applications
  • Better experiences

Security Analytics

  • Keep Data Online Longer for Investigation
  • Authentication Logs
  • Audit Events
  • DNS Traffic for analysis and visualization
  • Network flow data, indexes events, and dashboards
  • Security information and event management analysis and interactive threat hunting in dashboard

Cyber Security Starts Now!

With Sentinel Cyber Resilience and Security, your total protection and enhanced Cyber Security begin. Sentinel Cyber Resilience and Security offers with many features, starting from Security Foundation with IPv6 Enforcement and Migration, until Unified Threat Intelligence with Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention System, you can secure your internal network and also attackers from internet.

Recommendation And Requirement for Total Cyber Security Protection

Sentinel Universal Log-Management Center required Sentinel Security Foundation with IPv6 for deployment and installation into your network. Other products within Sentinel Cyber Resilience and Security Suite are also recommended.

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